Welcome in our shop!

Welcome in Ramoneska shop

 Ramone Jacket, a stylish, provocative jacket with a soul – we sew it  in our firm specialy for you!

It is one of its kind, cult jacket which is an icon in a motorcyclist and hardrock world. That covered with a fame and myth clothing is a symbol of a joy, freedom, rebelion and orginality. It will let you show your style and energy.

These legendary jackets are incarnation of our company philosophy. The inspiration for creating new models always were and will be your needs. And so we try to do our best .
Our Ramone Jackets are made according to the newest technologies, from best quality materials. The priority of our firm is the satisfaction of  our clients. Our jackets are combination of stylish spirit with most fashionable patterns and colours.

Ramone Jacet is that what each woman and man will find out beautififul and sensual.



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